Fusion is on Pinterest!

How do you organize your thoughts, ideas and inspiration? Maybe you have a bulletin board in your studio like this one that’s been in mine ever since I’ve had a place to call a studio. What if you don’t have the space for something like this though? What if somebody came up with a better way to do the same thing?  Have you heard of Pinterest?

Like most people, I came to the crafting community through an interest in making things. For me, it was making puppets and models, drawing pictures and making things out of wood. I’m old enough to remember a time when there wasn’t a world wide web. When I was in high school and college I would scour the junk shops and libraries for books and magazines that even mentioned these things. I’d watch every “behind the scenes” special and wore out VHS tapes (remember those) as I tried to figure out how they did this thing, or what that detail was. Then I discovered message boards on the internet, and suddenly there were all these people interested in the same things I was. We were all willing to share what we knew, and point each other in the right directions. As the world of the internet has grown, so has the amount of information on it, and while Google, Wikipedia, and Youtube are great ways to look up tutorials and inspiration, a better way to share these things has finally come along.

If you haven’t heard of pinterest yet, our friend Rob Lammle wrote a really good beginner’s guide that I encourage you to check out.

Personally, I think of it as a way to curate projects, ideas, and images that inspire me in a way that I can both save and share them. It allows me to show people the things I like, the styles that I’m drawn to, and the types of projects I’d like to be doing. Alongside my website or blog, this allows me to give a more complete picture of who I am and how I work to potential customers, contacts, collaborators, and clients. Instead of the message boards of yore, it’s become virtual pin boards…but this blog isn’t about me, it’s about Fusion. Which brings me to another cool aspect of the site, you can set up boards with multiple contributors. Fusion has set up a group pinboard where we can share things that inspire us as a group, and we’re all really excited about sharing it with you!

So what inspires you? What have you always wanted to do? What new thing will you learn today? Drop us a comment! We’re always interested in hearing from you too!



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