Apply Now! ~ Spring 2012

Applications for the Spring quarter is now open! To apply to be a vendor, please click the Apply tab in the menu bar. You will find the link to apply to Fusion. Remember, the deadline to apply for the Spring quarter is January 16, so don’t forget!


2 thoughts on “Apply Now! ~ Spring 2012

  1. Amy Wetterlin says:


    My name is Amy Wetterlin, I am an artist and would like to apply but unfortuneatly I don’t see the “apply” button on my browser? I currently do not have a website but would love to up load some images so you can see my work. Can you tell me how I can do this?



  2. redherringjeff says:

    Hi Amy!

    Thanks for stopping in! The link to the application is the big cursive font under the picture in the apply section. I missed it when I went to check for you too. Ha-ha-ha! As for the pictures of your work on the web, flickr, a blog, deviantart page or even a photo album on your facebook page will all work just fine.


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