Pet-acular Holiday Bazaar at Purina Farms

In December, Fusion artists were invited to develop a children’s craft workshop for the Pet-acular Holiday Bazaar at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, MO. Inspired by the pet theme, Fusion artists Christine Warner, Dana Diaz de Leon, and Amy Poos designed furry, fuzzy animals using pipe cleaner frames and cotton ball stuffing, wrapped with soft furry yarn.

The children loved making their own animals, and dogs and reindeers proved to be their favorites. But we were a bit surprised by how much parents loved to make them, too! In most cases, as parents saw the process and what the children created, they wanted to dive in and make one. It proved to be an idea that people could quickly learn and expand on to make their own creatures. We saw lots of creative ideas, including ducks, squirrels, and even a furry fish!
If you or your group are interested in a class to make yarn animals, please contact us at or (636)536-0755. For a list of other classes and parties, see our web site or stop by the store for a brochure.

Written by Amy Poos of Twice Baked Arts 


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