17 Questions (Because 17 Is Better Than 10) With Andrea Lammle of Zenbot Baby

We have a great bunch of artists working and showing here at Fusion, and it’s really exciting for me to be able to share them with you all!  There’s always things we wish we could ask artists when we are looking at their work, but often they are not around to ask.  One of the things I find difficult when I meet artists at our Open Houses or at shows is finding that first question to get a dialogue going. As I’ve gotten to know my artist friends though, the questions just sort of build on themselves.  So, with the help of our friend Jessi at I Am What I Am on Main Street (who I’ve shamelessly stolen a lot of these questions from), and friends from the crafting community, I’ve compiled this list of questions to get the ball rolling.

This weeks featured artist is Andrea Lammle of Zenbot Baby. Described by some as a super hero, Andrea is  a member of both the St. Louis Craft Mafia and Show me Etsy, and is very active in the local crafting community. Using her powers mostly for good, she lends both her crafting talents as well as her skills as a graphic designer to many local craft endeavors. We’re really glad that she’s and that she was able to take a minute to answer our 17 questions.

What do you create?
I create sewn handmade goods that fill some sort of need. A diaper change kit for the mom & dad on the go. A sandwich wrap for those trying to reduce waste. A coffee cozy for the caffeine addict who wants to be just a little more eco-conscious and stylish.

What is your bestseller?
That’s a difficult one to answer. My best seller changes from season to season, year to year.

If you had to describe your crafting style in three words, what would they be?
Modern, functional & fun.

What goes into making your creations?
A stiff back from sitting at the sewing machine, lots of coffee and lots of podcasts. (Nerdist & Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show are my favorites)

How long does it take to make your product?
Depends on the product. I tend to assembly line my items so at the end of a few hours I can have anywhere from 5-10 items.

Are there any materials that you have used in your products that you think may be unexpected?
I use a fabric most commonly used for modern cloth diapers. It’s machine wash friendly and can be sanitized by a high-temp wash. It’s a dream fabric.

Why handmade?
Why not? With a handmade product you can usually bet on it lasting longer and being made by someone who is passionate about the product they put out.

What do you think differentiates crafting from other types of business?
The sense of community. In our crafting community, we want to help and see each other succeed. We are not an overly competitive bunch.

What do you enjoy most about selling your handmade goods?
I enjoy interacting with my customers and talking about who they are buying it for or how they’ll use it.

What personality Trait do you possess that you think helps you the most as a professional crafter?
I’m a “creative obsessive.” I have to be doing something creative at all periods in my life. Art & craft is something that has always been around and always will in my life. Right now, it’s sewing. Who knows what it will be in the next few years!

Do you take custom orders?
Yes, indeedy!

Who are you outside of the business?
I’m a mom, wife, exercise enthusiast, Whovian, Nerdist, Downton Devotee, Fillion Fan girl, Comedy idiot-savant, and Dave Matthews Band fanatic.

Do you buy handmade, and why?
I try to! I like to support other handmade artists!

Do you have any short-term goals?
I hope to take my wares out of state this year and expand my audience.

Where do you hope to be in 5 years? 10?
I don’t know. I hope to still be making a living off of my own creativity and sharing art and craft with my family.

Where can we find you to see more of your work, ask questions, and give you our money?
The interwebz at my Etsy – zenbotbaby.etsy.com and my website for my show schedule: www.zenbotbaby.com

Who shot first, Han or Greedo?
Han shot first, dammit.

Thanks Andrea for chatting with us today about the who, what and why of Zenbot Baby! Learning about the materials and work behind my fellow crafter’s work always inspires me to work harder at the things I do.  How about you all out there in blog-land? Is there any thing that you’re just dying to know about Andrea and her eco-friendly creations? Leave us a comment!  We’d love to hear what you have to say!



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