How To: Paper Flowers Made with Cupcake Liners


Things you need:

mini and large cupcake liners
variety of buttons
floral wire
floral tape


hot glue gun with glue sticks
needle-nose and flat-nose pliers
wire cutters
hole puncher

1. To make a flower, take 2 large cupcake liners and fold it in half to punch a small hole in the center. Do the same with 1 mini cupcake liner.

2. Cut a piece of floral wire to the length required. Using your round nose pliers, start to make a spiral at one end. Use your flat nose pliers to make a bigger spiral. Bend the spiral at a right angle.

3. Hot glue a button to the center. Invert the mini and large cupcake liner and glue. Glue the final cupcake liner so the pattern is showing at the bottom.

4. Wrap green floral tape around the wire. Your flower is complete!



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