It’s starting to look like Fall…

If you are like me, Fall is your favorite season. And after the sweltering summer here in St. Louis, I’m glad it is officially Fall! At Fusion, we’ve already been switching the shop a bit to a fall theme and for our window, we are hanging up these colorful yarn-wrapped embroidery hoops.

It’s an easy and inexpensive decoration idea because you just need two things: various sizes of embroidery hoops and yarn. Tie, the yarn to an edge and just begin wrapping, wrapping and wrapping some more. There is really no wrong way to do this!

I collected a bunch of the hoops from friends and also visited The Upcycle Exchange for extra hoops and the yarn. I probably spent less that $10 on all of this. Can you imagine how this look for a wedding? Or maybe a photo booth backdrop? Possibilities are endless!

Writer Melissa Villadiego

I’m a… glass artist. graphic designer. foodie. vintage lover. amateur photographer. geek. little typography obsessed. cupcake lovin’ gal. You can find my work at or around the web as villadesign.



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