Classroom 101: That Thing Called EdgeRank

If you pay attention to the ever changing world of social media, the term EdgeRank has begun to pop up. And everyone is going… “What is EdgeRank and how does it effect me?”

As business owners, a lot of us have taken to using Facebook’s business/fan pages as a way to reach our audience. Let’s face it, Facebook is the biggest social network today and us addicts check it everyday. And our audience (or fans as Facebook calls them) checks it everyday. However, the question becomes, do our fans see our posts? Why is that we have 900+ fans yet the info bar at the bottom of a post says only 252 fans have seen it?

It’s all due what Facebook calls EdgeRank. It is the term they use when ranking how a particular post engages your fans. Photos rank higher than a simple text post. Posts with links rank higher than a simple text post. Essentially, you need start thinking of ways to INTERACT and engage your audience to get seen and heard. So what are some ways to accomplish this?

  • Post a photo of your creative process, such as sketches or maybe your work area. Show progress along with a finished product. You’ll be amazed at how people WANT to see how we work, or the effort it takes to complete a project. I sometimes post photos of me at the torch or a kiln full of glass beads.
  • Ask a question that is not a simple yes or no answer. Example, “What is the biggest trend you see in jewelry today?” You’ll get all sorts of answers and feedback.
  • Hold a contest such as, “Like our page, then share this photo and you will be entered to win a $20 gift certificate! For an additional entry, tweet this post using the hashtag #Fusion20WIN.” It’s a perfect why to interact with your audience and get your business seen!

Awhile back, I kept seeing in my FB newsfeed, businesses stating something similar to this, “Not seeing our posts? Make sure you’ve selected ‘Show in News Feed’ so you’ll be updated about our latest events!” Ah… if it can only be that simple. 🙂 Trust me, it isn’t.

Still confused? Click HERE for the infographic on our Pinterest page or read THIS article from Michelle & Bill Pescosolido, which I found very helpful!

P.S. Also, to make sure that I see every post of liked fan pages, I will simply like that post because it’s way of interacting with that business. Easy peasy! 🙂

Writer Melissa Villadiego

I’m a… glass artist. graphic designer. foodie. vintage lover. amateur photographer. geek. little typography obsessed. cupcake lovin’ gal. You can find my work at or around the web as villadesign.


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